Internet Of Things

Let us help you create your first proof of concept and get you started.

Our team can help you with IOT hardware, software, cloud and analytical services.

Internet Of Things

We can help build your proof of concept using Azure IOT Hub.


Azure and Amazon AWS Services


Let us help you build cross platform mobile applications using Xamarin.

Open Source

Django and Ruby on Rails.

.Net and AngularJS Consulting Services

We can help you build responsive applications using .Net, AngularJS, Azure, jQuery, Knockout, and Web API.

.Net and AngularJS Consulting

We help with Proof Of Concept, Architecture, Design, Build, Testing and Support.

About Us

We are a Chicago based consulting company. We had been helping companies build custom applications since 2008. Our IOT services are designed to help you go from concept to market. We can help you build a proof of concepts solution so you can evaluate during early stages. We can then take the POC and convert it into a full fledged application (Design, Architecture, Build, Test, and Support). Our experience with Azure and Amazon AWS cloud services can help you lower your infrastructure costs by hosting on the cloud. Our solutions are build with security in mind right from the concept. Some of our security solutions are being currently used by large insurance, retail and manufacturing companies.

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